May 5, 2022

TON testnet vs. mainnet. How to get free test Toncoins?

The TON blockchain stores transactions and smart contracts in two networks: a test network, named testnet, and a real network, named mainnet. The testnet is used for... testing. 😅 Developers use it to test their bots, apps, and platforms before releasing them to the mainnet.

Mainnet is the network on which the Toncoin tokens and other smart contracts are operating real-value assets. In short words: 1 TON in testnet = $0 USD, but in mainnet is real money.

A wallet, two networks

Each TON wallet supports both networks, and you can see the balance with a blockchain explorer. For example, our address EQA5Pxp_EC9pTlxrvO59D1iqBqodajojullgf07ENKa22oSN can be inspected, like this:


Or, in the testnet, like this:


Get free test Toncoins

If you need Toncoins in the testnet, you can get them by using the faucet @testgiver_ton_bot Telegram bot. Simply open the bot, send the /get command, solve the captcha, enter your wallet address and you'll receive 2 TON. If you need to create a wallet, read this other post.

What can you do with those test tokens? If you're a dev, use them to test the payments in your TelePay app, via the testnet, without using real money. That way, if your app is not ready for production, you won't lose money paying fees to the blockchain.

How to activate testnet on my wallet app?

Using wallet.ton.org:

Append ?testnet to it, like this: https://wallet.ton.org?testnet

Using the Chrome plugin:

  1. Touch the menu button in the right top corner.
  2. Touch the "About" option.

3. Shift + Click on Version.

4. Confirm the network switching.

Using the Android wallet:

  1. Touch the ⚙️ button.

2. Touch the "Server settings" option.

3. Change "Blockchain ID" value for testnet.

There are hidden ways to do it on other apps that we use, but, we'll let you discover them yourself. 🤫 Did you find this useful? Follow our blog to learn more.

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