August 30, 2022

New, more secure, and robust withdrawals mechanism. What you need to know about it.

Two months ago, due to a security incident, we had to temporarily disable withdrawals on TON, Hive and HBD, our supported assets up to this day. It was a security measure to prevent more funds to be stolen, while we started completely redesigning our entire withdrawals mechanism.

Today, we're glad to inform you that you can now withdraw your funds on TelePay, with some important changes that you must know if you're integrating our API, or using our service as a wallet for your coins.

What's new

  • Some withdrawals are manually audited and approved. During the next days, just to ensure that our new mechanism is working as expected, we will be reviewing and approving each new witdrawal request. This won't be a permanent measurement.
  • Each withdrawal has new states and webhooks. Previously, when you withdraw your funds, TelePay just performed the transaction and assumed it was confirmed in the blockchain. Now we have a stronger and more robust way to analyze, perform and confirm the transaction.
    • widthdrawal.created: The withdrawal is created, the funds are debit from your wallet, to prevent something like what we expected in the security incident. Then, your withdrawal request goes to a moderation queue, where a human will check it and approve it.
    • withdrawal.auditing: Your withdrawal is being audited by a human.
    • withdrawal.performing: Your withdrawal is being performed, or broadcasted to the blockchain.
    • withdrawal.confirming: Your withdrawal has been performed, and we're making sure it's confirmed in the blockchain.
    • withdrawal.completed: Your withdrawal is completed successfully.
    • withdrawal.failed: Your withdrawal has failed or we canceled it.
Select the webhook events, in your merchant developers section
  • You can no longer attach a memo or message to the withdrawal transaction. We have disabled that capability, to attach our own message to check and confirm the transaction. Sorry for that, it's for security purposes.
To withdraw funds, you only specify the amount and the destination wallet address.
  • You can follow your withdrawal status in real-time. Once you request to withdraw your funds, you're redirected to the withdrawal details page, where you will see the transaction being performed. After it's confirmed, the "View in explorer" button will let you see the transaction in the blockchain explorer.

Apologies for the long delay

Unfortunately, our team is small, and while we keep raising funds to hire more members, our current working capabilities are not enough to develop fast. We apologize for the long delay in fixing this problem.

From now on, we continue with our roadmap and will keep knocking on doors, raising funds to increase our team strength and equipment.

Thanks for your patience, support, and understanding. We hope this update will be useful for you and your business.