April 27, 2022

Hive and HBD got listed on TelePay

Hive is a fast, scalable, and powerful blockchain, hosting web3 decentralized apps like social media platforms, DeFi, games, NFTs and even streaming apps. It is designed with "widespread adoption of the currency and platforms in mind; by combining the lightning-fast processing times and fee-less transactions, Hive is positioned to become one of the leading Web3 blockchains used by people around the world".

Why Hive?

We consider Hive one of the most important blockchains today and it would be a mistake not to list it on our platform. Also, Hive is helping content creators make a living through their content, by getting votes on Ecency, PeakD, and other social media apps, those votes are rewarded with tokens backed by real market value. This is powering people all around the world and we know about cases in LATAM, where Hive and HBD holders pay on physical/virtual businesses: taxis, restaurants, or even VPNs.

In short: Hive is userful and it touches lives. Our goal is to lower the barries, and help businesses and natural persons receive payments on the Hive and HBD (Hive Backed Dollars) tokens.

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Some facts about Hive

According to their about page, transactions take less than 3 seconds. That's true, but blocks could take up to 2 minutes for the transactions to get fully confirmed. So, don't get afraid if deposits on TelePay take a little time to confirm, that's normal, we're just waiting for the block to be closed.

It has proven to be scalable, as it has just achieved 100M posts and comments on the blockchain. Also, during the latest 5+ years, it has demonstrated to be a resilient ecosystem, with hundreds of apps and supported by a growing community.

TelePay vs. HivePay

There is currently an official payments gateway in the Hive ecosystem, called HivePay, but we respectfully consider it not enough, very hard to implement (the author has done it before in other projects), and not friendly for devs.

The solution we offer with TelePay is easier and will help you receive payments and send payouts in a matter of seconds. You have our word.

HivePay is hard to integrate, not well documented, and not developer-friendly.

What's new on TelePay?

You now have two new wallets in your merchants and personal accounts: the Hive and HBD wallets. There are no testnet or mainnet networks, only one main network, so, be careful, you'll be using real money.

You can normally topup your balance, transfer funds, withdraw back to the blockchain, create invoices with new tokens, via the Dashboard or the REST API, transfer via public profiles, and the entire TelePay experience.

Two new wallets
Payment is confirmed now with Hivesigner, or with info in the QR's backside
Public profiles now list the new tokens also

Further steps

Currently, users can perform payments on the checkout page with Hivesigner, but we'll be adding Keychain and other methods soon. Be sure to check our roadmap to see what's coming up to TelePay and leave your feedback there, we're here to help.

This article is brought to you by TelePay, a cryptocurrencies payments gateway, to help you handle payments in your business, in an easy, fast, and secure way. Sign up, add your merchants and get your personal guarded wallet with us.

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