April 21, 2022

Create your first wallet in TON

As we explained in our launch post, TON is currently the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem. This is the first post of a series on how to start and grow in TON.

TON is a fully decentralized layer-1 blockchain designed by Telegram to onboard billions of users. It boasts ultra-fast transactions, tiny fees, easy-to-use apps, and is environmentally friendly.
- ton.org

This first post is aimed on help you create your first wallet.

What's a cryptocurrencies wallet?

Just like you save your money in a bank, a wallet is where you save your cryptocurrencies, in a blockchain. This is a way to understand it, with the difference that the bank is a centralized authority that can freeze your money or take it away from you, and use it for the bank operations. The blockchain is decentralized, there is not a central authority and only you can access your funds and move them. You do it by having your secret words (in TON case, 24 words).

Which wallet should I use?

In the TON apps catalog, you can see many wallets listed, some of them guarded by a 3rd party platform, and some others, only guarded by you.

Steps to create a wallet

This article covers how to create your wallet using the web version via wallet.ton.org. The first step: open this link, you will see something like this:

Click on the "Create my wallet" button, and you'll be taken to the next screen.

Then, click on "Continue" and you'll get your 24 secret words. Is highly important that you save them in a secure and secret place, and do not share them with anyone. If someone, somehow, accesses your secret words, you can lose your wallet funds. The secret words are the key to your wallet.

Once you take note of your secret words, you can click on "Continue", and you could get an alert like this. Hit "I'm sure" if you saved your secret words, or do it if not already.

To confirm you actually noted your words, you'll be asked three random words. Write them and click "Continue".

The next step is setting up a password to prevent someone from accessing your wallet if, for some reason, your device (computer or mobile) gets compromised. Write a secure password, confirm it and click "Continue". You'll actually need to save the password also in a secure place. We recommend BitWarden.

Congrats, your wallet is now created ๐ŸŽ‰

Your wallet is ready to use, now, click on "View my wallet" to continue.

Here's your wallet. The first time you use it, with 0.00 TON ๐Ÿ’Ž, the only option available is "Receive", because the wallet is not initialized. Once you transfer funds to it, you'll be able to send funds, unlocking the "Send" option.

With your 24 security words, you can import your wallet to other devices and wallet apps, like TonKeeper, or TonHub. Be sure to subscribe to our blog here to see the next articles, we'll be covering some ways to get TON (in the test and main networks).

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